HBV Shipping Society at Buskerud and Vestfold University College

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Do you want to join the HBV Shipping Society?

The HBV Shipping Society needs members with a genuine interest in shipping and related business areas. We want our members to show initiative, attend events and contribute to our society. The HBV Shipping Society is an organization under development and it is highly likely that we will need your expertise.

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Frequently asked questions:

Why should I join the society?
All events arranged by the society is exclusively for it’s members. As a member you will be invited to theme nights, career days and other social events.


Can I attend any of the events without being a member?
Our events are exclusively for members. At the annual career day non-members may also attend.


Who can join?
Every student at HBV may join the society.


What does the membership cost?
Membership fee of 100 NOK per semester starting from fall 2014.


What does the membership fee cover?
The membership fee covers all entrance fees to events arranged by the HBV Shipping Society. Field trips etc. will not be covered by the membership fee.


How do I apply?
Send an e-mail to medlem [at] hbvshipping.com. Please let us know why you want to join our society, and if there is anything you can contribute with.


Is there a deadline for applying?
15 September / 15 January


Do you have any other questions? Please contact us by e-mail or on our Facebook page.